Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The new Album - archived

Have completed as much as I intend to.  A pilot 2 disc set was created for public opinion.  One electric, one acoustic.  A mix of covers and my own compositions.

There is some good stuff on it however as a project it isnt a success.  The acoustic stuff is all too similar, a lack of variety, and my time in Spain spent on nylon guitar has slightly changed my playing style mid project.

Quite frankly i cant be bothered to correct the numerous errors and record enough variety to make it viable, so it is now consigned to the archives.

I wrote some new stuff while in Spain, so I will start all over with that in the new year and see where it takes itself, but I am also somewhat inclined towards a return to my prog roots.

So seasons greetings, I hope the New year is a happier one then this one has been, and that it brings everything that you ever hoped for.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Am I back or just visiting

Been all over the place, causing chaos. There were revolutions in Egypt and Tunisa after i put ideas in their heads while visiting, an earthquake in Mexico and Spain, the president died while i was in Prague(but they didnt catch me)

They also bombed Jema El Fna while I was in Marrakech, but they missed me by a couple of hours, bad timing. So having run out of places to destroy, done the gardening and made a cup of tea, it seems appropriate to return here and post an update.

My last studio CD was quite a success, it sold six copies, and I earned a copious fortune, some $2.25 from downloads, except that I cant collect until its over $25. A lot of people liked it and had free copies though, so I will have to stop doing that..

Working on a new one now, a different angle, I want the new one to be mostly acoustic, its not easy to convert heavy metal to acoustic, but actually I dont write heavy metal, which is why I am trying this conversion.

Led Zepplin doesnt quite sound the same on a piano and the same is happening to me. I get a lot of nice songs though, BUT they all sound similar when put together as a collection, so its a work in progress.

The weather has been horrid and the ark is almost completed. Unfortunately we have a water shortage despite the 38 days and nights of rain and so I havent been able to deep water test the old girl yet.

Stocking with animals has also fallen foul of the local RSPCA, who seem to think that cramped conditions are not in the poor animals best interests. Obviously drowning is.

It is now day 39, and so far today there has been no rain, this better not have been a false alarm!

I decided some while ago that I dont do ironing, a huge pile of washed and dried clothes has since developed in the laundry room, and all of my wardrobes and drawers are now empty.

This will help when i downsize my house, i will not need anything like as much furniture.

The only minor setback is the lack of invitations out. I suspect as I now look like Ive been dragged through a hedge backwards, run over by a tractor and left to fester that people just prefer other company.

Even people who issued beer invites and the like fled into the distance and wont return emails. Its odd being retired....

There are two beer festivals on monday, bring them on!

Bugger the suns just come out!