Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Thought Police

This lad was hitch-hiking so we offered him a ride. Now you sort of expect that after a mile or so he would ask you to pull over and pick up his six mates, but not this one. This one had the Thought Police after him.

The first signs of paranoia became clear when he asked us where we were going, and he told us we shouldnt go there it was dangerous. He then continually changed his mind about where he wanted to go, and started to make it pretty clear that he wasnt getting out unless it was "safe". The Thought Police would of course be anywhere he could think of so no-where was really safe unless he could stop thinking.

We devised several ways of stopping him thinking but most involved his death or overdoses of harmful substances and he wasn't having any of them. People were always out to harm him or confuse him or hurt him in some way. Boy this guy was wierd.

So I drove to the most deserted spot I could think of. It was at least ten miles to the nearest civilisation. On a dark deserted bend I pulled over and said look!

Pointing at a really distant light, I said thats the M4, you'll be able to get a fast car west, and there is no-one nearby! He lept out and headed off into a field, we fled as fast as my poor vehicle could carry us.

Reflecting we realised that we were the reality in his maze, no wonder people treated him that way, you had to, to get rid of him!

Everything he said had probably been true!