Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The new Album - archived

Have completed as much as I intend to.  A pilot 2 disc set was created for public opinion.  One electric, one acoustic.  A mix of covers and my own compositions.

There is some good stuff on it however as a project it isnt a success.  The acoustic stuff is all too similar, a lack of variety, and my time in Spain spent on nylon guitar has slightly changed my playing style mid project.

Quite frankly i cant be bothered to correct the numerous errors and record enough variety to make it viable, so it is now consigned to the archives.

I wrote some new stuff while in Spain, so I will start all over with that in the new year and see where it takes itself, but I am also somewhat inclined towards a return to my prog roots.

So seasons greetings, I hope the New year is a happier one then this one has been, and that it brings everything that you ever hoped for.