Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Its been a while

In fact its been a long while. I have no excuse except that I have been trying to put my life back together. Crikey a serious post.

Trouble is that every time I go somewhere someone in the family dies, It's not deliberate and some of them should definately not have gone yet, but I cant bring them back although I would very much like to.

So to avoid thinking about it I throw myself into redecorating the house, attacking the jungle that was once my garden, trying to restore three weed beds that used to be lawns, well you know how it is...

Then there was the pond, well there used to be, it was there last year, i expect it will appear eventually somewhere.

The house though is starting to look better, i have knocked out walls, windows and doors,painted liberally, mostly on myself, papered and mopped up paint, it is starting to look worthy again. In fact downstairs in nearly completed as is bathroom, hall and stairs, so just the bedrooms to go.

What was once kitchen and conservatory is now kitchen/diner, the old dining room is now a recording studio, the office is now an office but with some spare space and the playroom is now half full of junk removed from the house. Freecycle will get most of it, those charity bags that are really eastern block traders have had most of the easily portable, and all the junk furniture has gone to the tip. The tip tried to charge me rent I took so much!

The bedrooms are cleared and ready to paint. That will remove that legacy and quite frightful smell of sweaty teenager, well i hope it does anyway, otherwise I will have to rebuild!

So there is light at the end of the tunnel, I may even get finished before retirement overtakes me at this rate.

I shall then perhaps have time for a social life!

If there is anyone left to socialise with....

Have fun...

Depressed from lying under a large girder.