Friday, 1 October 2010

OKAY - SO? - It's been a while

It's been a while since I sat here. I've been in the studio recording some new material.

Nasty difficult things studios, have to keep chasing duff notes out of guitar solos and modifying my voice so that you cant tell that I cant sing one jot. Well the latter never hides the fact anyway, but I'm past caring...

I set off with the idea for eight or nine songs, and end up with three recorded, the rest have fled into the heavens to escape being captured on tape...

So, its back to the writing book, as I need just a few more tracks before a CD will see the light of day again. Never mind, it passed the time...

Meanwhile back in reality the house remains a tip while I re-decorate, but the task is nearly finished, there are just two rooms left to do. My study was last week. I am now in a clutter free zone with far more space.

I can stretch out to type this and the carpet smells of carpet again.

It used to smell of prawns after an "attack" by a certain teenager while I was away on holiday once. Amazing what they get up to. My electric drill that he had borrowed, but had never seen, amazingly re-appeared, after being missing for two years, when he moved out as did my missing tools from under his bed.

The smell of sweat and vomit disappeared after a new paint job in the room, but the prawn smell prevailed. It survived him leaving to act as a reminder to think twenty seven times before having kids.... Finally he's gone!

And in a week or so the house will be a clutter free zone as well. Just in time in fact for me to move in more clutter from my late mums house. Is this a vicious circle or will it all be alright on the night?


  1. i once bemoaned the fact that i would never have children... two miracle births later i wondered why. my house however, is now my own - but for the bedrooms which my grandchildren believe belong exclusively to them.

  2. well the week or so turned into nearly a year, but it is finally complete!