Saturday, 13 August 2011

More about Mary

Today is her grandsons christening. Will her ex husband be there... no, he is not permitted.

His daughter wants him to be there but Mary doesn't want him there. So she took over the organisation and instructed the larger and more aggressive members of her family to issue threats against the ex about what they would do to him if he had the audacity to show his face. He couldn't just wave an invitation in their face as he didn't receive one.

And all this from a supposedly catholic family. I expect they will just confess and get forgiven while they are still at the church, so by the time they start partying they will have a clean conscience again.

I don't suppose they even care how much damage to other people's feelings they have done, or perhaps it was deliberate....

Perhaps Mary is running out of money again and is not so nice anymore.

In any event, its a disgraceful way to treat the poor lads grandfather and they should ALL be ashamed of themselves.

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